Elevator/Escalator Accidents

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Elevator and escalator injuries a lot more common than many people think. Most elevator and escalator injuries are not serious enough to warrant a lawsuit. However, there are those elevator or escalator accidents that result in serious traumatic injuries. It is important to speak to a qualified Mankato personal injury attorney if you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury caused by an elevator or escalator – you may be eligible for financial compensation for your physical, emotional or financial suffering.
Escalators and elevators have made it a lot easier and faster to get from A to B. However, this does not mean that they are free of accidental injuries. Some common escalator and elevator accidents include:

  • Elevator falls – if the elevator is not operating properly, the cable can break and     plummet passengers to the ground.
  • Sudden jerks, stops and speeds up Escalator sudden stoppage – if the escalator     suddenly stops, passengers are often jolted forward or backwards. In some     instances, causing passengers to fall.
  • Escalator metal teeth issues – the metal teeth on the escalators are meant to hold you and shopping trolleys in place; however, sometimes they can hold     on too tight or grab fingers, toes and clothing
  • Slip and fall accidents – escalators can get incredibly slippery, especially when     wet from ice, rain or snow.

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