Construction Accidents

One of the most dangerous industries an individual can work in is the construction industry.  Construction accidents can be difficult and complicated so it is very important to hire the best legal representative available to you.  Our firm will conduct a thorough investigation, interview key witnesses, and work diligently on your behalf.

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If you are injured at a construction site or a loved one is killed, there may be many types of claims that can be involved, such as:

  • You may be entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits for payment of medical bills and lost wages, however, this may not cover compensation to you or your family for any of your pain and suffering.
  • If the accident was caused by a third party, you may be able to bring a claim against the responsible party in addition to worker’s compensation benefits.

Your claim can be quite complex and it takes an experienced construction accident lawyer to sift through all of the details, put together a case, and present that case for settlement. There are rules and regulations in place which can be difficult to understand and complicated when dealing with the insurance companies.  Our attorneys can help you understand these rules and regulations so that a case can be created and pursued.

Mankato Construction Accident Lawyer

It is important to contact a construction accident lawyer. Frentz and Frentz has the experience to provide you with the aggressive representation needed for a successful settlement in your case. Although we are aggressive, we are sensitive to your situation. You have been injured through no fault of your own and you are paying the physical and mental consequences for it. You should not have to pay the monetary consequences too.

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