Brain Injury

Southern Minnesota Brain Injury Lawyer & Attorney

A traumatic brain injury or TBI is caused when there is damage to the brain.  This may be the result of physical trauma or violent head movement. Brain injury can be a minor concussion or as severe as bleeding and swelling of the brain.  The physical, cognitive and emotional effects of a TBI are often unique to each individual suffering the injury.   Depending on the severity of the injury, symptoms of a TBI may not always be immediately present and sometimes the individual suffering the TBI may not be aware they have suffered a brain injury.  Family members may be the first to notice a change in a loved one’s behavior.  Regardless of the extent of injury, a TBI can have serious, life changing, consequences for the injured person.  At Frentz & Frentz, we are experienced with protecting the rights of people who have suffered a brain injury caused by the negligence of someone else.

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