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July 2017

Nick Frentz was selected for the 2017 Minnesota SuperLawyers list. This is an exclusive list, recognizing the top five percent of attorneys in Minnesota. Nick Frentz has been selected for Super Lawyers every year since 2014.

March 2017

March 2017:  Nick Frentz has been re-certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association.  He has maintained this certification since 1998.  The Minnesota State Bar Association states that fewer than 3% of all registered attorneys in Minnesota are certified specialists in their field.

August 2015

Our client, a 43 year-old female, recovered $197,000 in settlement, despite the responsible insurance company initially denying her claim, claiming their driver was not at fault – and then started a suit against our client for damage to the defendant’s car. The accident occurred on a snowy evening in December 2013, when a young man had parked his pick-up across a highway as he was going to attempt to pull a vehicle from the ditch. Given the poor visibility, our client was unable to see the pickup in time to avoid colliding with it at highway speeds.  The young man was ticketed for improper parking and fined; however, despite this his insurance company then filed a lawsuit against our client for property damage.

Our client, GH, suffered bilateral knee fractures and a complicated fracture-dislocation of her foot that required surgery. Her doctors did a great job with her care, but she had extensive medical bills and lost wages, in addition to ongoing foot pain. Frentz and Frentz provided substantial evidence of fault on the defendant driver to the attorneys for the insurance company, including a sworn statement from our client, and ultimately, the insurance company reversed their position.

June 2015

Frentz & Frentz was successful in obtaining a total of $285,000.00 in settlement for our client, a 15-year-old girl. In 2013, our client was a passenger in a pickup that collided at highway speeds with another vehicle.  She suffered severe foot fractures, a wrist and leg fracture, and underwent surgeries to her foot and wrist.  Her physical recovery took months and the medical bills exceeded $90,000.00.

A liability dispute arose between the insurance companies of the two drivers about which vehicle crossed the centerline. Frentz and Frentz was ultimately successful in arguing our client’s case on liability and obtained a $100,000.00 settlement, the full policy limits, from the at-fault vehicle.  We then pursued an underinsured motorist claim for our client and secured an additional settlement of $185,000.00, making the total recovery $285,000.00.

Final approval for the settlement was recently granted by a Blue Earth County District Court Judge as required by Rule 145 of the Minnesota General Rules Practice. Under Rule 145, settlement funds were set aside for our client by the Court, and will be released to her on her 18th birthday.


February 2015

Our client was a 35-year-old female passenger on a motorcycle being driven by a man who had been drinking. It was nighttime, and the driver alleged that he was surprised by a deer which caused him to lose control of the motorcycle and crash.   Our client suffered a head injury.

The insurance company for the motorcycle driver initially denied liability — claiming the driver was not negligent. After investigation, witness interviews and research, Frentz & Frentz was able to successfully negotiate a settlement for our client which compensated her for pain and suffering, and also helped insure that her future medical bills would continue to be paid.


November 2014

Our client, Dave B., suffered a herniated disk in his lumbar spine and a whiplash injury as the result of an automobile accident. After being offered $1,500.00 from the insurer for the negligent driver, Dave retained to Frentz and Frentz Law Offices.  Although Dave had some prior medical issues that were significant, Frentz and Frentz was able to show that enough evidence existed to connect the auto accident with his current condition. His claim was settled for $185,000.00.